Our Focus:
Bettering the Business of Content


We deliver product development focus to address content-based business challenges. Predicate brings deep subject matter expertise to organizations for whom content is core to their business objectives.


We do content strategy, building content products, plans and systems to create lasting value beyond launch date. We design compelling content-rich experiences, delivering measurable business results and creative value.


The defining issues of content today are consumer attention in the face of information overload and, among content businesses, sustainable economics. Technology is shaping new modes of content consumption even as brands produce yet more of it.

Our big idea?

To keep the busines of content economically vibrant and creatively vital requires innovating through information science and design.

We've delivered talent and results for 10 years

Since 2008, Predicate has offered a range of services in user experience design, product and technology development. We tap a wider, global network of proven UXers, technologists and other digital professionals.

From a new product launch to an organizational transformation, from design thinking to a thoughtful competitive analysis, strategy cuts across all business activities as the lynchpin of success—and the hallmark where results come up short. Don’t sleep on the importance of getting your strategy right.

Predicate is proud to offer a range of strategy consulting services tailored to the challenges at hand for your organization.

Today, user experience design is the compelling differentiator behind many of the most celebrated brands—and the experiences for which they’ve become household names. But finding seasoned, proven UX expertise can be challenging, and sometimes needs can be narrow and specific. The same is true of technologists.

Predicate provides sharpshooting UX services as well as experienced technologists and designers that can make all the difference in your next project.

No digital organization can excel today without effective care and feeding of its digital touchpoints, and a product management mindset is what sets apart the adept from the inept. It’s how great organizations ensure an ongoing commitment to excellent customer experience, long after launch date.

Predicate imbues all of its services with a product development approach, and it can provide specific assistance related to getting talent, stakeholders and resources are on the same page through effective product leadership principles. 

From managers to designers, how do you evolve your team’s performance? Perhaps you have a specific learning gap to address, or need to spark some fresh growth from your bench. Predicate prides itself on being a resource to help its clients further their own skills development and maturation in many different scenarios.

For work specific to content strategy, information architecture, and metadata management, we are sought-after domain experts.

For work specific to emerging technology like personalization and conversational user interface, check out our sister practice, Bucket Studio.

New since 2017: Bucket Studio

Keen on designing for personalized UX?

Check out Bucket’s periodic newsletter, Bucket List.


Designing for personalization is different. Let's show you how to make personalization a key part of your customer experience.


From automation to optimization, today's digital marketer has her hands, and head, full. Through our own techniques and framework, Bucket provides clarity about how to implement and orchestrate, without going overboard.


If your data-led activities are letting you down, it's probably because your master data and metadata are holding you back. Find out how to take decisive action, enhance your products and services, and elevate your data game for good.


Whether it's bots or voice UX, the critical design touchpoint is conversational today, and there are many tools to choose from—but precious little strategy to guide you. We'll guide you with a content-first approach that delivers the right results.


Jeffrey MacIntyre

An independent strategy and management consultant—and all-around information sciences egghead—Jeffrey has worked in professional services, product roles and user experience design for over a decade. Predicate, his private practice, was founded in 2008. See clientele above. His consulting, speaking and advisory work spans cultural institutions, startups, and the Fortune 50. He has written for The New York Times, Wired and Slate.

Our story

Why Predicate?

We do “messy.”
Complex technology and business environments? Meaty creative challenges? Fine tests for our skills and experience.

We’re purpose-driven.
Information overload? The future of longform editorial? Big Data and Hollywood? We don’t shirk the big puzzles in the future of content: they’re motivators.

We’re versatile and accommodating.
Predicate began as a solo private practice. We seek relationships over assignments, and never overcommit. Our work can be project or retainer basis; workshops and talks; advisory roles; and even pro bono.

Sometimes you need a specialist.
Who calls on us? Colleagues or agencies seeking specialists; media and entertainment outfits; organizations with complex process, data and information management challenges; cultural institutions; and content-focused startups.

People say the nicest things.
Seriously, we’re lucky to have such great people say such good things about our work. We‘ll connect you.

Client testimonials

What people say

References are available from former clients, including CXOs, product and technology leaders, founders, publishers and marketers. 

Get connected on LinkedIn to see a wealth of client and colleague testimonials.

Select project accomplishments

    Established a paid content model and led an editorial strategy that funded new foreign bureaus.
    Negotiated partner integration among media properties for a time-shifted reading startup.
    Expansion plan & portfolio of editorial sub-brands for a leading US news daily.
    Developed a repeatable, budget-driven show and topic site production model for a cable media brand.
    Topic system and taxonomies for the firehose of one of the world’s largest newsgathering operations.
    Enterprise IA and data analysis to support business process redesign at a major Hollywood studio.
    Advised a content marketing play to tap the intellectual property of a multinational media giant.
    Diagramming of rights avails opportunities to model improved content exploitation scenarios.
    Advised authors on release and windowing for multiple book projects.
    Editorial strategy for launching a news media operation within a category-leading retailer.
    Recruited founding leadership and management talent for a ~100-person content venture.
    Modeled content lifecycles through master data flows in a global, end-to-end media supply chain.
    Devised the topic model and blogging strategy for an award-winning news site relaunch.
    Designed a living 24/7 programming grid for editorial operations, including related resource plans.
    Established content ROI, analyzing acquisitions and licensing options in a data-driven digital strategy.

Work delivery


We assess each project by three dimensions.

Product: How do you ensure a discoverable, sustainable and competitively differentiated content offering?

Distribution: What is the reach of your product or message? How do you manage publishing and windowing of content? How do you maximize its exposure and impact?

Model: How integrated and extensible is your operation to new and emerging technologies? How do you measure content performance?

Content Strategy Services

Looking for a UX-centered content strategy? Predicate's principal, Jeffrey MacIntyre, is a field expert and connected to other content strategy specialists.

Predicate supports end-to-end “conventional” content strategy services, drawing from a time-tested playbook.

Ask us more about our methodology.

Deliverables & Activities

We marry our approach to specific deliverables that are purpose-built to solve strategic challenges of product, distribution and model.

Product: Creative brief; competitive analysis; content offering definition; product strategy

Distribution: Distribution planning, forecasts and reporting; programming/editorial calendar; lifecycle analysis

Model: Content modeling, schemas and information management; (IA, WCM, DAM, MDM); operational sharpshooting (e.g., process design or analytics)

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Predicate is based in New York, with offices in the beautiful town of Beacon, approximately one hour from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. 

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What is Predicate?

Formed in 2008, Predicate is the strategy consulting practice of principal Jeffrey MacIntyre. It provides a range of services at the intersection of user experience design, product development and information sciences.

How can we work together?

We can collaborate in many ways. 

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